Color Coding (Organization)

Every detailer and auto enthusiast should have a system for storing, organizing and washing their microfiber towels. A color code system is essential for an organized and efficient detail business or shop.

Even if you are using one type of versatile towel (like the [Elite]) for every process (we have some mobile detailers who do this), you should have different colors for different detailing tasks. This will make laundering the towels easier and will reduce cross-contamination. Your towels will last longer and do their job more effectively, if you keep them separate.

Common color-coding guidelines:

  • Dark towels for dirty jobs. Wheels, engines, and exterior trim
  • Light Towels for finish work: So you can see any dirt that the towel picked up.
  • White or light color towels for interior leather or upholstery 

Check out our [Dirty Towel Separator] 32 gallon Trash Can Insert, and our [Sort & Store] Bucket Bag Organizers.

Cost Control

Towel costs can get out of control if you don’t have a good system in place, and you must continually replace towels that were ruined.

But… using old (or “dead”) towels, which need to be replaced, for the wrong process, can end up costing you more, in the long run.

So, not only is it important to have a color coding system, but it is important to have a system for caring for your towels after they have been used (laundering and storage), and a system to cycle through and repurpose towels as they wear out.

Towel Life-cycle

Many detailers move their towels through a “life cycle” as they progress through their operation.

Since towels deteriorate and become contaminated over time, new towels are dedicated to processes where pristine towels are necessary. These tasks include paint corrections and coatings.